Well, I am here!!! Safe and sound and with all of my luggage- YAY!

We are currently on Ireland time and it is approximately 3:45 pm here in Ireland, and 9:45am in Wisco!

Our flight was six hours long and it was cramped. Babies crying. Old creepy men next to us drooling. You get the picture- but we made it. Once we got to Shannon Airport we saw the group and then we all boarded a small bus. Since everyone was on time (SHOCKER), we had plenty of time to spare, so my Prof (Keely) decided that we should stop at a grocery store so we could stock our fridges, at least for tonight…

Enter Dunnes:

 Arrival 002

While perusing the isles at Dunnes- which I might add, has the BIGGEST yogurt section I have ever seen in a grocery store- I came upon this gem of a product:

 Arrival 001

What a name 🙂 Sounds delish…not.

After we stopped at the grocery store, we came to Corrib Village- my official home for the next month! We got our room assignments, then found our room, and stumbled upon this:

 Arrival 003

Arrival 004

Arrival 006

 Its cute, right? Dorm living at its finest.

Then Cortney, Chelsea and I decided to walk to see where our class is tomorrow morning(8 am!!). This sign lead us to the correct destination:



Thats all for now ladies and gents!

I am soooooo tired.

Peace out homies (chest hand pump) 🙂


“I’m so tired, but I can’t sleep…”

 I Will Remember You: Sarah MacLachlan