50 Pounds

Soooooo, today I packed my life away- I am only leaving for a month but I think I packed for 5 months.

And before you start saying, “just pack what you need”….”when in doubt, leave it out”…. I have to tell you something:

I CAN’T! suitcase

I am the person who packs because a) I don’t want to be over there thinking, “…if I had brought my (fill in the blank) I would feel so much better” and b) I don’t want to buy any more clothes than I need/already have.

On that note, I should tell you that the airport has a 50 pound max on luggage without charging extra and my bag currently weighs…51 pounds. I plan on ditching the mouthwash and body wash I have for me and my roommates if it is over at the airport. And if all else fails I will move some pants or shoes or something over to my carry-on. I’m not worried, but I can’t believe I packed that much shit.ย  (Oh, and I should tell you that I used space saver bags- they worked like a champ!)

Tomorrow, my roomie Cortney is coming to my house sometime after 1 or 2 and we will do whatever last minute stuff we have. After that I think we will just chill on the pier and soak in the last of the Wisconsin summer sun until July ๐Ÿ™‚

I will be blogging from the airport (hopefully) so I will “see” you all soon!!!

Lata Playas ๐Ÿ™‚

“So I quickly opened the wardrobe,
Pulled out some jeans and a T-Shirt that seemed clean,
Topped it off with a pair of old shoes”

-Paulo Nutini:ย  New Shoes


Woah…Packing Sucks.

This is just a quick post for my own reference- I decided something today- yes, I had an epiphany. Here it is:

Packing and Moving Simultaneously BLOWS!

In the midst of moving, I am also trying to decide what clothes I want to take with me. This seems like an easy task, but if you know me- and actually if you don’t- I am the person who changes outfits 6 times before declaring that I hate my closet full of clothes that I don’t wear, including those with tags still on. I am also the person who packs a full suitcase, only to end up wearing maybe a third of the clothes I packed. It’s really a sick conundrum. Overpack (so that I don’t freak out and go shopping for more clothes)? Or Underpack (because I can do laundry while I am there)? I sound like Goldilocks- only I’m not sure I’ll ever get it juuuuustt riiiiight.

In any case, this packing thing isย a tad stressful- but I’m sure I will have it figured out the day before I leave soon…

It sort of snuck up on me- in terms of packing- and I wish I had a smidge more time….

Peace out ๐Ÿ™‚Suitcase

“Got my sword, Got my shield
got my ticket, Signed and sealed
gettin’ ready to go,
gettin’ ready to go,
I’m packing up, gettin’ ready to go.”

-Aretha Franklin: Packing Up