A little “Turbulent”

Hey All!

So I made it safe and sound and I am blogging to you straight from JFK airport here in New York.

The reason for the post title is that a) we encountered a load of turbulence on our tiny ass pedal pusher piece of crap plane and b) when we got here, my two friends hadn’t sent their luggage straight to Shannon, so they had to re-check it- which would be no problem, except for the fact that we don’t leave until 10:00 pm tonight and you can only check in 6 hours prior. SOooo they got locked downstairs for two hours- but its ok! We are waiting for them right now….

JFK Airport 1 003

On another note, I am still not really “feelin’ it”…I still don’t feel like I am going to Ireland.

Another couple of things I would like to mention: Met some cool people from Ireland in the airport that gave us the scoop on some fabulous “hidden treasures” of a few surrounding places- really looking forward to that.

Also- the food in the airports costs MUCHO dollars- I bought a salad, fruit cup, and water and it was $15.89— to be expected though…

Lastly, I leave you with what we have been doing for a majority of the afternoon- actually, what they have been doing…

JFK Airport 1 005

– I was too busy PEOPLEWATCHING 🙂

I will check back when I am in the green! (warning: it may not be for a day or two..)

Peace out Playas 😉

“Born to be WIIIIILD!”: Steppenwolf