Who I Am

Bike Trip, Market, Food 022

Hello! My name is Ali and welcome to my blog! I am 22 years old from Wisconsin, and a current student…

This blog will specifically chronicle my month-long journey in Ireland. While I am there, I am taking two courses for my Community Health Education major. I will be spending a majority of my time in Galway, but I am excited to see the rest of Ireland if I can.

The reason I named this blog “Luck and Lyrics” is because I am a music junkie- you know, the person who always knows what song to play when, the person who can relate your problem/situation/promotion/life-changing event to a specific song and its lyrics, the person who listens to music for more than just a beat or a verse or a hook, but for the sheer pleasure it can provide…and because I will be in Ireland while writing it- hence the luck part (luck=four leafclover=huge stereotype=Ireland)…

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me!



One Response

  1. Hey,

    Too bad about the internet. We’ll talk soon enough. Gald you are having fun. Have a pint for your dear Ol’ Dad!!!!

    Love you,


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