The Aran Islands and a Surfing Excursion

***Sorry that this is late! Obv. you can tell that I typed it while I was still there :)***

Hey Everyone!

Hope that summer is starting to settle in for you all- I know that this last week it has surely not been warm here in Ireland. It was about 50-60 degrees but, what do I expect, I guess? Anyhow, I promised a good post, and here it is (warning it might be very long for some :))

The Aran Islands

Our group went to the Aran Islands last week Wednesday and had a great time. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful, but to be honest the tour we were given was very rushed and I felt like I was speeding through the whole thing. Therefore I have to say it wasn’t one of the better moments here in Ireland…it was beautiful nonetheless though!

 Aran Islands, Surfing Hostel 006

 Aran Islands, Surfing Hostel 013

 We got to see Leprechaun houses (seriously- they are soo tiny)

Aran Islands, Surfing Hostel 054

And the cliffs are not roped off in any way- it was so gorgeous up there- can’t wait for the Cliffs of Moher!

 They had a sweet little cafe on the Island that served baked goods as well as soups and sandwiches and salads. I, of course, chose to try the Chocolate Guinness Cake- HOLY INSANE YUMMY. It was so dense and chocolate with the faintest hint of beer. The frosting on top was similar to cream cheese frosting, but thinner. It was SOOOOO GOOD!

 Aran Islands, Surfing Hostel 015

Bundoran Hostel and Surfing

This weekend my roomates and I decided to go to Bundoran to try surfing. Bundoran is a quaint seaside town and is about three hours north of Galway. It borders on Northern Ireland so we had to be careful about having pounds and euros.

Aran Islands, Surfing Hostel 019

We stayed in Homefield Backpackers Hostel and took Surfing lessons through Donegal Adventure Camps.

 Chelsea's Aran Islands, Surfing Hostel 009

 Chelsea's Aran Islands, Surfing Hostel 010

 Unfortunately, I couldn’t take my camera with me when we went surfing but we did look pretty H-O-T-T hott in our wetsuits 🙂

 Chelsea's Aran Islands, Surfing Hostel 014

Then we thought we missed our bus and we were waiting in the pouring rain. Fun stuff.

 Chelsea's Aran Islands, Surfing Hostel 015

Overall a great time these last few days- stay tuned- We are going to the Cliffs this week followed by DUBLIN!!!

Peace out Playas.

“You can go higher, you can go deeper
There are no boundaries above and beneath you
Break every rule ’cause there’s nothing between you
And your dreams”

Kris Allen: No Boundaries


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