50 Pounds

Soooooo, today I packed my life away- I am only leaving for a month but I think I packed for 5 months.

And before you start saying, “just pack what you need”….”when in doubt, leave it out”…. I have to tell you something:

I CAN’T! suitcase

I am the person who packs because a) I don’t want to be over there thinking, “…if I had brought my (fill in the blank) I would feel so much better” and b) I don’t want to buy any more clothes than I need/already have.

On that note, I should tell you that the airport has a 50 pound max on luggage without charging extra and my bag currently weighs…51 pounds. I plan on ditching the mouthwash and body wash I have for me and my roommates if it is over at the airport. And if all else fails I will move some pants or shoes or something over to my carry-on. I’m not worried, but I can’t believe I packed that much shit.  (Oh, and I should tell you that I used space saver bags- they worked like a champ!)

Tomorrow, my roomie Cortney is coming to my house sometime after 1 or 2 and we will do whatever last minute stuff we have. After that I think we will just chill on the pier and soak in the last of the Wisconsin summer sun until July 🙂

I will be blogging from the airport (hopefully) so I will “see” you all soon!!!

Lata Playas 🙂

“So I quickly opened the wardrobe,
Pulled out some jeans and a T-Shirt that seemed clean,
Topped it off with a pair of old shoes”

-Paulo Nutini:  New Shoes


3 Responses

  1. Hey, Al! Have safe travels! I will miss you and I love you! I will talk to you on the phone before you leave but just wanted to say hey. Oh, and please add my new running blog to your blogroll, too! (I am still doing the wedding one, but I wanted to do one for the marathon too! 🙂 )

  2. Hey Ali,

    It’s ok that you packed so much stuff. If you didn’t you would definitely regret it!! I hope you have a great time!! 🙂 I miss you!!!

  3. Heye Miss Ali-
    You should be be dealing with the wonderful services of the airline industry right around now…I am living vicariously through you, so make sure to take plenty of pictures and have a wonderful time. Find that hot red head you are always talking about!! JK. Anyway, have a great flight and update us often. Luvs- Shanna

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